Trying my hand at a Sonnet

This poem is set in the ruins of Denver International Airport in the future, and the ruins of the planes prod the poem’s protagonist, scavenging among the ruins, to consider what lovers of the past could offer that the protagonist can’t, but that really what matters is what the protagonist can offer—love that will make the hardships bearable and set the lovers together on a new way of living.  It is rather rough around the edges, but has been a fun challenge to try.  Trying to find the right title for it–the current one is a placeholder.

The Winged Promise

The winged metal rusting at prairie’s edge
Towering still, after years of neglect
Whispering “Offer the world as your pledge
For that the beloved could never reject

Bring precious stones from far away mines
Unseasonal food in winter’s deep want
Clothes from a thousand mile away you’ll find
So your lover can your devotion flaunt

Think on limitless riches from afar
Don’t think of outsized use or unseen loss
Fill her wants, her dreams, true costs are no bar.”
So was all else but dreams treated as dross.

I’ll fashion a lover’s ring from this plane
A promise that such thinking will be our bane.

Copyright 2019 @boulderlovincat